1. Basic data

Supplier -
František Večerník
Kmochova 1353
CZ-40747 Varnsdorf
Czech Republic

Registered to VAT.
Business ID: 14816792
(hereinafter "the Supplier")

Contact data
Phone: +420 412 372 084
e-mail :
E-mails are usually responded within 48 hours.


2. Order of products

The supplier does not guarantee an immediate availability of all products. We will keep you informed about availability of the products ordered in case of delay in delivery.

To order, the customer will select products, fill in the order form and send the order. The order submitted is a proposal for conclusion of the purchase contract. The order is then used for reservation of the products.

Total price for the products including price for selected transport of the products will be calculated and the customer will be asked for confirmation.

2.1 Cancellation of the order

A request for cancellation of the order may be submitted by e-mail to


3. Delivery of the products

Delivery terms - depending on availability and abilities of the supplier, the products will be delivered as soon as possible by mail or otherwise, but usually within 3 to 5 business days. The products are regarded as delivered upon delivery of the same to the address shown in the order.

3.1 Transport

The supplier provides transport to designated address in the territory of the Czech Republic. Costs for transport of the products depend on the transport and payment method. The customer selects the form of delivery and payment upon conclusion of the order. Acceptance of the delivery note by the customer expresses agreement with the products delivered and confirms the products were delivered properly. A record on damaged consignment should be made with the carrier in case of damage to the transport packaging. In case of mechanical damage to the goods without obvious damage of the packaging, the record on damaged consignment should be made with the carrier within 24 hours. Further complaints due to defective transport services shall not be taken into account and rejected.

3.2 Method of payment for the products

The customer may opt from several methods of payment for the products. The products may be fully paid by C.O.D. on the point of delivery through a contractual transport service or the purchase price may be forwarded to the supplier's account with applicable variable field (order number as standard) for identification of the payment. The consignment will always include an invoice.

3.3 Changes to prices

The seller reserves the right to change prices. Valid prices are confimed to the buyer at the moment of the order confirmation. Should the valid price be identical or lower than in the order, it is not confirmed to the buyer again and the products are delivered at price applicable at the moment of order. Should the price be higher than specified in the order, the seller will immediately inform the buyer in order to either accept or reject the order.


4. Warranty and complaints - application of the product liability rights

Warranty and warranty certificate - the warranty starts upon taking over of the products by the customer.

The warranty period is 24 months. Tax bill is used as the warranty certificate.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the products (or parts thereof) caused by normal use. Shorter lifecycle of such product may not be regarded as defect and may not be complained as such.

The customers who use the products for business purpose are not granted the warranty period determined by the Civil Code. The warranty period shown on the website applies to consumers and not to business entities who buy the same for their business activity.

Should the customer find a defect on the products purchased during the warranty period not caused by improper use but defect of the product itself, the customer may submit a complaint for the product.

Complaint procedure - for complaints of the products purchased in our e-shop (, please contact the seller by mail and specify type of product, number of sale slip and description of the defect. The customer will receive information about the next steps within two days.

Disagreement from purchase contract
Should the product received disagree with the pruchase contract ("disagreement from purchase contract", the buyer has right to remedy the product for free and without undue delay according to to the purchase contract as requested by the buyer by replacement.


5. Termination of the contract

Right of the customer to terminate - the customer may withdraw from the contract in case the supplier fails to comply with the delivery terms specified.

A customer, who does not buy the products for his business activity, has right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from delivery of the goods pursuant to Section 53, subsection 7 and Section 54 of Civil Code.

Right of supplier for termination
The supplier may withdraw from the contract only until delivery of the products and only due to unavailability of the products or substantial change to price of the same. However, prior to termination, the supplier will contact the customer in order to agree on the next steps.

Procedure for termination of the contract
Whereas the contract becomes void from the beginning upon withdrawal, the parties will mutually compensate the performances related to the products less costs for delivery of the products to the customer. Should transport be arranged for free, the returned amount will cover the real transport price.

Should the customer alreadz received and confirmed receipt of the products, the customer will return the products back to the supplier who will assess condition of the products without undue delay. The products sent back to the supplier should be in perfect condition, not damaged, complete (including accessories and all documents provided including the sale slips).

Should the products be delivered back to the supplier otherwise than in perfect condition, the customer shall cover costs related particularly to reconditioning of the products and damage incurred therewith. The costs and damage will be compensated by reducing the purchase price potentially returned by the supplier appropriately.

Should the customer comply with all conditions applicable to termination, the supplier will return the purchase price already paid or any part thereof within 30 days from return of the products. The supplier will return the funds to the buyer's account upon signature of a credit note.


6. Protection of consumer personal data

With customer's consent, the supplier collects personal data of the customers, namely name, address, phone and e-mail address. The details are used only to facilitate future ordering by the customers. Passwords to accounts are protected by electronic encrypting in a database. In case of loss, the password may not be recovered and the system will send you a new password you can change at any time later in your profile.

If approved by the customer, the supplier may send electronic business communication and inform the customer about new products, offering and advertisements.

Customer's personal data is not transferred to another person by the Supplier and is handled in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) No. 2016/679, abbreviated to GDPR.

Data collected and processed about customer by the seller, including the approval with sending of business communication, may be changed at any time - the customer may modify account setting after logging in.


7. Final provisions

These business terms and conditions apply to all business contracts entered into by and between the supplier and customer.

The supplier reserves the right to change the business terms and conditions at any time. Modified business terms and conditions will be published appropriately on the website ( under Business T&C section.


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